Ken Fury: Rain Over Clouds

Ken Fury
Rain Over Clouds
(Inerus Music)

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Spacey plinks and undulate breathing beats inform the scary opener “Intercept Signals,’ as it seems Ken Fury is trying to do just that, intercept, then connect us to his vision on his new album Rain Over Clouds.

The chanting of “Pollen,” follows, then a really cool stomping metal beat under a very sexy strut to “Distance of Eyes,” the first tune here I could really start thrashing my head to…I loved this one! Not long after, the title track mines a single heavy synth line and snapping beat, with Fury doing his best David Bowie.

“Spirits in Lust,” is another naughty snake-of-a-tune you’ll not all too soon get away from; it’s very infectious with its off beats and layer of sounds, and Ken’s dangerous come on. “No Desire,” might be the most consistent beat to dance to, it’s another good deep groover, and the bass and soft synth bleats of the last tune, (and instrumental), “Lifespan,” make for another insidious little dance tune. It scares with its atmosphere as much as it makes you want to move. It’s another stone-cold killer track.

The concept that holds these 15 songs close sees Fury taking elements from his Apache, Pueblo, and Hispano heritage, plus the environment and history of his home in Colorado and New Mexico, and mixing it all with futuristic, sci-fi and romance themes. Using a bunch of analog synths here, with drum machines and classic guitars, Fury processes almost all we hear (his vocals included) through his guitar pedals, while the entire brew was recorded in his studio apartment in Elmhurst, Queens. Rain Over Clouds is another spectacular achievement of sound and depth from Ken Fury.

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