Molière in the Park: TARTUFFE


This was a tough one for me. I love the writings of Molière, especially his TARTUFFE. And I adore live theatre and have so missed it during this unusual few months when we haven’t been able to enjoy it. But as I feel about the infrequent, and certainly uncomfortable times I tried to watch some of Steven Colbert’s The Late Show from his home or a ‘live; concert given by performers beaming in from some personal location far from an audience, I can’t get behind any streaming/Zoomed/at-home-streaming-replacement of our ‘new normal.

Although, Molière in the Park, co-presented with the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) in partnership with the Prospect Park Alliance and LeFrak Center at Lakeside is enjoying copious views on their YouTube channel (go here); this latest production, TARTUFFE, has extended its viewing run through Sunday, July 12 (again, go here); the actors here, featuring the always wonderful Raúl E. Esparza, plus Samira Wiley, Kaliswa Brewster, Toccarra Cash, Christopher Henry Coffey, Naomi Lorrain, Jared McNeill, Jennifer Mudge, Rosemary Prinz, and Carter Redwood are superb; this is Molière, AND TARTUFFE at that, I have to say, live theatre is so stifled, a mere shell of itself, too lacking when presented in this streaming format.

I honestly can’t give forth on much more than to say….the participants here read the play wonderfully.

I guess we should applaud the powers-that-be here for forging ahead. I guess there is something to be said for the copious amount of viewers these plays (and plenty of other ‘performances) are enjoying on their Youtube channel. And surely, one could claim I am a cranky old guy who can’t get with the times. And of course, Molière should be one of those writers most on our minds most of the time. And, let me be clear here, the actors here did their very best within the medium they presented the work, as far as what this is it is top notch and if you like this kind of thing, have at it.

But live theatre this ain’t folks, I’m not really into viewing plays this way, and seeing something like this just makes me miss live theatre all the more.

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