7 Ways to Keep Calm When Hosting Guests at Home

All festivities provide a perfect time to catch up with family and friends. Planning a meet up at your house can be easy but hosting might be uncomfortable and overwhelming. Visitors may make you feel inadequate, anxious, and other times you may even be unhappy when that should not be the case.

Due to the rise in social class and expectations, you may suffer from anxiety. This might include the desire to please your guests, replacing a set of furniture, having the most stimulating decoration, preparing the ideal meal for your guests, or choosing the perfect games to entertain them. Despite all that, it is possible to enjoy hosting guests at your home and suppressing all emotions of anxiety. Here are seven ways you can stay calm while hosting visitors at your home.

1. Outline your expectations

It is pretty normal to have expectations from your guests and yourself, but it’s often said that untamed expectations may cause depression, anxiety, impatience, and hopelessness. For example, during a Thanksgiving dinner, you may feel the pressure to have all the famous decorations and if you happen to miss them, then it may leave you feeling inadequate due to social pressure.

It is important to manage such expectations and plan the day according to what you can handle and this will allow you to work with a defined plan and deal with the outcomes as they come.

2. Maintain a positive attitude

If you concentrate very much on what your guests may not like about you or how you host them, you are likely to be anxious. You can start your day with good vibes; fix yourself a flavored cocktail with Monin Flavors, hit the gym, take a yoga class, take a walk, or listen to spirit-lifting music. This may help you overlook the expectations thus reducing any self-imposed pressure to deliver and you will find your guests very interesting to host. Remember to avoid thinking of what you did not achieve or activities that were delayed or missed due to unavoidable circumstances. Enjoy the moment by believing you gave your best to make your guests comfortable.

3. Have a good pre-planner

Once you have set a date when you expect your guests, make sure you start planning weeks ahead of the date. Work with a defined number of guests but you can add a few random guests to avoid under budgeting. Use the number of guests to shop for what you need for food, gifts among other things. Having a pre-planner will give you enough time to consolidate everything you need and also give you room to replace what you don’t get in your local store. If you get everything you need to host your guests, then you will have a smooth transition when your guests arrive.

4. Involve your guests in planning the visit

One of the biggest dilemmas you may have about the visit may be choosing the ideal meal or decoration for the day. This can be resolved by engaging some or all your guests in deciding on a menu, decorations, or gifts. Some of them can even help you get most of the items and ease your pressure. Others may be willing to help you prepare meals or help you around the house. In this case, feel free to engage them fully and enjoy teamwork. Working together will also reduce tension between you and your guests and create good memories for the day.

5. Outline your boundaries

You may feel overwhelmed by guests even after doing everything possible to ensure the day is a success. Many people feel this way. Try and establish your boundaries as well as those of your guests. This will enable you to know when to take a break or to give your guests some time alone. You don’t want to be all over everybody; this may limit their freedom in your home and drain your energy. It is okay to take a break and enjoy a hot shower or call up your bestie.

6. Maintain your standards

Sometimes having friends or family at your place may demand your attention and trigger competition. Keep reminding yourself that it is just a visit and soon you will embark on your normal life. Simply treat the visit as a momentary proposition. Do not feel the pressure of competition and ensure your expenditure does not exceed your plan.

7. Keep it simple and authentic

Everyone has a different threshold of comfort for luxurious and complex events. Keeping your day simple will ease your day with your guests. Be flexible enough to accommodate or cancel some activities that seem to overwhelm you. Maintain an open program to allow your guests to contribute and let the plan for the day absorb any changes as the day unfolds.

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