Artist Todd Gray’s Iconic World Trade Center Mural Flabbergast to be Refreshed Starting June 22 to Mark 20 Years Since 9/11


Contemporary pop artist, Todd Gray, will be touching-up his iconic Flabbergast mural at The World Trade Center between June 22-25.

With his Todd Squad team, Gray and his team created one of the singular tributes to the 9/11 attacks, something the artist claims was “…the highlight of my artistic life and has forever changed me.” Thousands of New Yorkers were on hand every day for the full month it took to complete the 100-foot-wide colorful mural, that Gray was invited to create by Silverstein Properties and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Painted on a huge, corrugated metal façade, Flabbergast is a unique three-dimensional sculpture “flattened” for a two-dimensional design. It incorporates clean lines, hard edge design elements, vibrant opaque colors and fun images, all trademarks of Gray’s earlier work.

With two decades passing since the tragic events down in Wall Street, the touchups will repair wear and tear Flabbergast endured over the past few years.

To watch Todd and crew creating Flabbergast see video here:

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