Jordana Talsky: Zahava

Jordana Talsky
(Jordana Talsky)

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Vocal-only albums are not the easiest of listens. Even the masterpiece in this genre, like A Cappella Todd Rundgren’s A Capella or stuff produced by somebody like a Bobby McFerrin can take some time to get used to. Canadian born Jordana Talsky’s new Zahava EP, manages all the musical roles, using her voice and unusually for this kind of thing, her body to create an interesting “looping” release of six tunes.

“Superpower” with its sweet lead vocal and lots of snapping sounds opens. It’s a sly melodic set up for what’s coming. “Oh Yeah,” follows, Talsky using her voice, from the background plopping and her harmonies, to create a slightly cooler approach than the opener, but still she shows off her smarts in song construction (adding some great backing vocals and more colors from her body and voice). The beat picks up real subtly here. There’s even a lower section where the lady slips into some near rap.

I like the groove and all the different tones and sounds Talsky manages on her sexiest, most desperate tune here, “Trouble Up.” It’s also, I feel, her best straight-ahead lead vocal. When this lady sings straight ahead and forgets the looping idea, she does reveal a very powerful evocative voice. This is a solid little tune.

“City Lights,” offers more use of vocal and body to see what bed they can create. But for me the ender, “Honey,” with its more positive lyric and “sha-ah” beat speaks volumes. The layering of harmonies here and lead vocal are spectacular, a strong way to end what is a very unusual EP.


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