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It’s been a bit since I checked in here, so I figured a little spin around recent sexual, cultural happenings might be in order. So here are a few of the top stories I’ve come across in the past few weeks.

Hooters Shorts

As old Mr. Zimmerman warned us, the times ‘they are a-changin,’ and it seems the change has come to some Hooters establishments. Those infamous orange shorts the servers wear so well are getting an update at some locations, with new, even shorter black shorts.

A bunch of unhappy Hooters girls took to TikTok holding up the offending bottoms, claiming they look more like underwear than something one would want to wear at work…even if one worked at Hooters. Of course, this outfit change reignites the constant criticism that the eatery chain is already fostering an outdated sexualizing of their servers. Although, this sexualization is what the chain has always been about…and yummy wings, of course!

To be clear, not all Hooters locations are updating the uniforms as two separate groups operate Hooters locations. Those restaurants operating under the Original Hooters franchise require their serves to wear the ‘longer’ original shorts.

Netflix Walkout

You don’t have to have Netflix or even to have watched Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special (and he claims his last of its kind for Netflix) “The Closer” to know that Mr. Chappelle is once again under a barrage of criticism for his comments about transgender folks. There has even been a Netflix employee walkout over the show.

One may or may not be offended by Chappelle’s special, may or may not be satisfied with his explanation of all the criticism he has received previously by some of the transgender community, and may simply realize this is a comedy show and take the man’s words as one wishes.

The Stones Roll Over?

This one surely pisses me off, but as it is the artist themselves doing the canceling, I guess it stings a little less…just a little.

For the first time in a half-century of performing, The Rolling Stones, out right now on their ‘No Filter’ tour, have dropped their classic “Brown Sugar” from their setlist. It seems Mick Jagger and company are indeed applying a filter worrying that the song’s lyrics could very well offend folks in the current cultural climate. I ask though, when were the Stones ever worried about offending anybody? This is a band that built their brand on offense, rock and roll rebellion, saying precisely what they wanted and damn the intelligentsia.

You decide if you are offended, with the first lines of BS: “Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields/Sold in a market down in New Orleans;” A relating of a history that is true, to be sure. I would offer “Under My Thumb” as a song that is even more ‘offensive’ but what the hell do I know? Or how about the insensitivity over mental illness that is sung about on “19th Nervous Breakdown.”

Again, with the Rolling Stones making the call on what they do or do not perform, I feel the wokeness a little less, but still…

I know people hate to hear this, but just as much as people have the right to cry foul, protest, and label someone this or that, if you are a self-declared racist, transphobic, a misogynist (and to be clear, Hooters, Chappelle, and the Stones have not declared they are any of these) you still have the right to sing, talk about, make known these opinions as loudly as you want, just as long as you are not doing so illegally.

Oh yeah, lastly, but most lustfully, the granddaddy erotic/porn convention Exxxotica returns to NJ this weekend. Brimming with adult stars, featuring fun and games and symposiums, and some sure friends of this column like the wonderful Coralyn Jewel, and Blush Erotica, you need to get yourself down to Edison, NJ (and the first day, Friday, ladies get in for free) to experience this one-of-a-kind event that is thankfully running this year.

Get more info here.

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