Seneko: ’69 Camaro


’69 Camaro
(Torrez Music Group)

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A big slicing guitar and laconic harmony vocals push the plodding rockin’ of ’69 Camaro, the opener of Seneko’s EP of the same name.

“No Goin’ Back,” follows, tickling us at first with slowed Jon Conley vibrato-bar picking, then Paul Scholten picks up the beat with his snapping snare, bassist Luis Espaillat subtly provides bass and once again Stan Olshefksi, songwriter here and lead vocalist, takes us on the jumpy journey of the tune. Conley manages a perfectly metered lead here as well, having fun later on with his vibrato bar again.

There’s more wacky guitar sounds on any even twangier “For Her Love.” This one has a certain specific sing-ability to the chorus, which lifts it above the two before it, although those songs were great, to be sure. I just like the wry verses here about how the narrator is doing all he can do to keep his love…at his grand old age of 41. Great stuff, really!

The guitars get nice and loud on the big plodding “Crazy as She’s Cute.” Another song with a fun lyric and great sing-able moments. Again, we get just the perfect rockin’ lead from Conley.

“Writing on the Wall” ends ’69 Camaro. This might be the loudest tune on all the EP, and it just hits hard and never lets up. It’s a great ender to what I feel is a pretty darn great EP from Seneko.

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