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There are surely legends in the adult field, and Sara Brabuster is one. A professional model, feature pole dancer, former BBW XXX film actress, television and radio personality, and at one time the highest paid woman of color working in the adult field, here is a lady who has seen it all…and then some. Reentering the adult world now, after a startling weight transformation and comprehensive years under her G-string, we check in with this icon about what she has been through and what she is looking forward to.

Can you address the most significant changes you have seen come to the adult business over the years?

The most significant change I’ve noticed and been made aware of by my colleagues, is how the industry has changed drastically regarding social media, not entertainment, per se. It’s about how many followers or subscribers you have now, not your skills or talent. I know the new generation is all about social media and being engaged in numbers, and that’s what your notoriety and demand for filming are based on today. I’m old school, though; I have an absolutely substantial amazing global fan base of celebrities, professional athletes, religious icons, musicians, politicians, dignitaries, corporate executives, and the like that have been demanding my professional XXX adult film career comeback since I went away on a health sabbatical, clearly stating that they were unhappy with the level of adult porn out there now, that quality was lessened.

Beyond your obvious beauty and skill, humbly, what do you think it was about you that saw you earn the honor (and salary) of being the highest paid lady of color in XXX back when you were making films?

When I was interviewed for the college university reference history book at that time, the professor interviewed all the most prominent names of women of color in the biz. I was one of them entering the field when BBWs were just getting into the industry but really wasn’t that accepted; BBWs weren’t really filming, maybe once or twice a year, not hardly getting paid. I consulted with the famous Cindy Williams, who schooled me when I entered the field in 2004 and told me what to expect as a BBW and what she went through. When I went on a meet-and-greet at the movie companies or studios, they had me get naked and said you’re a BBW, you’re absolutely gorgeous then I’d show them how I was double jointed in my legs, and my contortionist acrobat abilities and I was hired, right then and there! They’d tell me what I was going to be paid because they knew they were going to make big bank off any video I was in, no matter the video’s genre—big butt line (although big butt wasn’t a niche back then), big boob line, pretty girl line, BBW line—every movie I was in made at least $150,000 so I was well worth my money. Frankly, the companies hiring me never saw any big girl look like me do the things I did. And I could shoot a long time, so I shot as many scenes as small girls did, and I quickly became in demand. They kept rereleasing my films, I was a cover girl and centerfold three times over, even when a few movie and magazine companies told me straight up that they didn’t shoot women of color, but they ended up shooting me. I shot for these Caucasian magazine and film companies and made history again.

Reentering the triple x arena now, what might you have to offer that younger women might not have?

I’m reentering with my A-game tight and on point. I’m in good shape with old-school experience, and I can teach some new things as well. I see how the new revolution works, and I’m also willing to learn new things; the same game, new people, and a new approach to doing things. Sure, it’s a lot more work to get back in if you don’t have a lot of followers on social media versus your skills and talents like we mainly relied on in those olden days. But don’t count me short or put me in the nursing home yet (she laughs). I can bring it like any of my young female counterparts on film half my age. I can do a double scene, film for six hours with no break, clap, and drop it like it’s hot!

Digital downloading, social media, the ‘net’ in general…do you see our modern conveniences and communications as good or bad for porn?

Good, bad, or indifferent, it’s here to stay; it’s technology. I hate it in some ways because I’m not of this era or generation for this technology, but nonetheless, I had to jump in with both feet and learn the lingo, get hip and deal with the reality, or drown. Social media is the way of the world; if you’re going to be in the XXX porn film business, you have to constantly engage with your fanbase and your agent, if you have one, your webmaster, everyone. Email, texting, direct message, instant message, personal message, tweet, Facebook, IG, TikTok, Onlyfans…the list goes on. You have to do it to survive and eat, but it’s doable; you just have to keep up and be diligent.

Out of all that you have done, do you have one particular favorite job in the adult field?

Yes, I love XXX adult film work, pole dancing, and performing my double-jointed contortionist acrobat moves the most.

Fill us in on your immediate plans and what you are considering for your future: naughty (or even not naughty) output.

My immediate future entails making a professional XXX adult film career comeback, doing pole and belly dancing, magazine shoots, aerial circus performing again, having fun, and living my best life. The only difference now, is, that I’m petite, small SashaBrabuster ® instead of BBW SashaBrabuster ®

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