1st Base Runner: Night Stalker


1st Base Runner
Night Stalker
(1st Base Runner)

The pulsating synth and plucky top single notes of “In The Neighborhood” begin 1st Base Runner’s new 4-song EP, Night Stalker. It’s pretty simple, stark quick stuff, with the project’s maestro Tim Husmann singing atop it all as we enter a dark, ambient world.

The second song, “Dark Drive Through The Canyon” mines even more atmosphere, with swirly keys and again another single note melody.

The title track offers a more upbeat sound, Husmann whispering his promise that he will follow if you “leave me.” I like this tune with its infectious percussion bed, and trilling arpeggiated keys, bristling with an urgency the songs before it lacked and actually goes someplace with the added wash of keys and scary sounds that come in later. It’s not much more than a cool dance tune in its way, but I found myself wanting more from its 3:19 time.

On the last tune, “The Serpent and Space,” Husmann delivers his best vocal in an echoey love song. Again, a key wash is the main bed of the tune, with some bass behind it, but the sweeter, softer approach is welcome. Again though, I would have liked the song to have gone someplace more.

Words like “post-punk” and “electronic music” can be and are thrown about here. I’m not a fan of labels much, though, you simply need to wiggle in deep and give this mélange a listen to see if it is to your liking.

It very well could be; there is some cool stuff here, for sure.

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