Pilobolus: Big Five-OH!

Pilobolus’s Big Five-OH!, a celebration of this unique dance troupe’s 50th anniversary, was performed at NJPAC’s Victoria Theater Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Stage this past Sunday. The two-act, two-hour + show showcased what this troupe has always been known for. Since its formation in 1971, Pilobolus has performed around the globe, whether performing on television, stage shows, the Oscars or at the Olympics. This night there were three pieces performed in the first act and two in the last. Interestingly enough, everything presented originated in this century, which I thought was odd, seeing how long this troupe has been together and that they are out on this tour for a 50th Anniversary. Still, what I saw was astounding. Dancers Nathaniel Buchsbaum, Quincy Ellis, Marion Feliz, Hannah Klinkman, Paul Liu, and Zack Weiss, jumped, rolled, and all but popped up off the very bare stage from the first “Megawatt” to showing a slight behind-the-scenes mind-bending “Behind the Shadows,” to the very sexy (yes partial nudity included) “On The Nature of Things,” to “The Ballad,” and last bird imitations of “Branches.” I like all dance in general, but stuff of a more physical, high-flying nature has always worked best with me, and there is no better at this than this troupe. Actually, the post-performance round-up of the full cast coming back out on stage for applause was even fantastic as they slipped and slid across what was suddenly a water-soaked stage. Get your tickets here for the totally joyous Pilobolus’s Big Five-OH! you will sure be happy that you did.
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