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As someone who loves a good snack, like a snack that is hard to find and not your run of the mill potato chip, candy, or drink, I really love coming across them when I can find them. Browsing the web, I found Sugoi Mart, a Japanese online store, shipping all over the world everything that Japan has to offer. From snacks, chocolates, anime licenses to toys and collectibles, I was greatly surprised at the variety of items the site offered. Their motto is pretty much: You want it? We have it! If we don’t, let us know and we will!

I picked out the Treasure Chest ($40) that was a Japanese snacks and drinks” themed package and placed my order. About two weeks later it arrived, and it was filled with lots of things I’ve never seen before or flavors of candy I knew existed but never had the chance to try.

For me, the sack of Kit Kats was one of the most exciting things in the box, filled with flavors I’ve only seen on the internet, like Pudding, cheesecake, cookies and cream, purple sweet potato, sakura, sake to matcha and a longtime favorite flavor I’ve only come across in Europe, orange chocolate. I’m really looking forward to trying some new and familiar flavors here.

The chips are my next favorite snack I’ll be devouring, which featured a Doritos flavor, Avocado and cheese, I’ve never seen before. Drinks included a Godzilla Energy drink, which I can only imagine has a Godzilla amount of caffeine and sugar and a tea flavored drink in a beautifully designed bottle. Of course, there’s more eclectic items specific to Japan like a bag of beef flavored sticks, a bag of pink rice that is a Sakura Sour Plum Rice Seasoning and Pocky flavored as “Almond Crush.” Lastly, a Pokemon themed ramen cup. I’m loving this box of snacks full of flavors that I may never get to try again, though having a site like Sugoi Mart makes me think otherwise, as it was incredibly easy to order and receive.

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