Sextacular! Sextacular!

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Absinthe, can can girls, plenty of side splitting comedy, and electrifying performances past happy hour-is this a Prohibition speakeasy in the middle of downtown Chicago? There are no flappers to be found in this joint, but you’ll certainly have your fill of bombshells, alcohol, and live entertainment at New York City’s weekly theatrical show Sextacular! Sextacular! Held at Manhattan’s Bleecker Street Theatre, visitors will discover some of the best in New York City nightlife sharing one stage. Uniting burlesque and acrobatic delights, Sextacular! Sextacular! celebrates one deed that needs no introduction.

More French cabaret than gangster’s paradise, Sextacular! Sextacular! has plenty of charm to convince even the most jaded New Yorker that another date should be added to our list of Hallmark holidays. Viewers are introduced to host and real-life heartthrob Joey Nova who never fails to get the ladies all hot and bothered. Joined by an absinthe fairy who sparkles more than Tinkerbell (Erika Smith), Nova and his sidekick attempt to show tight laced Prudence Rottencrotch (Kristen Lee) why the U.S. government should endorse a “sex day.” Their proposal becomes a parade of titillating live acts that you just can’t say no to.

While Sextacular! Sextacular! provides rotating featured performances, there are some notable artists that do return, and with good reason. On one evening you may spot Anya Sapozhnikova tied up with massive chains, hanging up in the air. Just when you think the show is over, she’ll plunge down as viewers gasp and flinch. The naughty aerialist even gives one victim a thrill ride that proves to be sticky and sweet. Astroboy, armed in glittering spandex, transforms from disco ball to burning man with just a children’s toy. As Nova teases with his army of Suffragette City Strumpets downing bottles of Jack Daniels, glam rock band Starbolt 9 take on the brave attempt of playing Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” with surprising results. We won’t tell you if Rottencrotch eases up on her prudish ways, but let’s just say Britney Spears is involved.

Whether it’s a vamped up Cirque Du Soleli with attitude you seek or simply an excuse to peek at dancing girls, Sextacular! Sextacular! has it all every week and like getting it on, once is never enough.

Update: We just discovered that Sextacular! Sextacular! is now featuring a new story, which means more bang for your buck! For more info, visit Telecharge.com.

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