Earl Greyhound: Suspicious Package

Earl Greyhound
Suspicious Package
(Hawk Race Records)

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The fuzz of blues rock guitars heightened by moody dirty floor rock is going to inspire a whole new level of music admirers for Earl Greyhound.   The ambience and appeal of this filthy rock make-up, a three piece band from Brooklyn, consists of guitar solos that burn hot like lit matches and drums that exquisitely thrash about with the strength of the Herculean biblical character, Samson.  Lead singer and bassist, Kamara Thomas, has a voice that rises and crashes like a tidal wave and tumbles in wistful elegance.  With Thomas sharing vocals with guitarist, Matt Whyte, this pairing works wonders with the last crucial piece, drummer, Ricc Sheridan, who is both brutal and brilliant.  Earl Greyhound hails from the same hard rock corner of sounds like older albums by Aerosmith and Black Crowes but there is a nomadic uniqueness and newness that puts Earl Greyhound on an elevated pedestal of their own making.  Moody but in their soft moments, beatifically harmonious, like on the gospel infused, “Holy Immortality,” the music is so colossal it has all the genius and spectacle of classic arena rock at its best.   Suspicious Package, the group’s second album, is a heavy rock beast that devours and burns everything auditory.  Wicked time changes and thrashes of guitar and bass lines that cut like knives, explode on tracks such as “Shotgun” and “Sea of Japan.”  Earl Greyhound has impressively pushed the boundaries of modern rock with their magnanimous style, reaching levels of intensity and musical creativity many aspire to but only a few can channel.

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