Film: Cyrus


“Seriously, don’t  f*** my mom” is a tagline that will draw eyes on the new film Cyrus by directorial duo the Duplass brothers, but it may give audiences the wrong idea about the film. While it is a great comedy, the heart of the film is in its character’s centered look at the nature of human relationships and co-dependence.  The film contains a wonderful ensemble of actors with Oscar regulars: John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, and Catherine Keener as well as funny man Jonah Hill who shows he’s more than just the chubby kid with the punch line as the characters draw us into the story quickly and never disappoint.

The film focuses around the life of John (Reilly) who is recently divorced with no prospects in sight but maintains an oddly close relationship to his ex, Jamie (Keener), who is soon to be re-married.  She walks in on him spending some “quality personal time” and tries to get him out where he embarrassingly meets Molly (Tomei) who seems terrific, but as he soon finds out, has a relationship with her adult son Cyrus (Hill) that goes beyond intimate.  After an awkward start, the men fight it out for the love they need in Molly and the film becomes the battle of John C. Reilly vs. Jonah Hill.

The film is tight, funny, and moving with no wasted moments and some brilliantly authentic performances.  It’s an unassuming film that should really be on the Oscar contender shortlist and will make the Duplass Brothers film lovers’ favorites.

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