Redken Real Control Slim Supreme


Slim Supreme sounds more like a diet drink than a hair product. Nevertheless, unlike diets that fall short, Redken Real Control Slim Supreme ($20) works and tames down unruly locks. Redken Real Control Slim Supreme is a lightweight serum that controls frizz and reduces volume. The product has two other benefits by adding shine and protecting hair from heat appliances. Slim Supreme will last a very long time as you only need a small amount to work into damp hair while concentrating on the ends. Ingredients such as shea and protein help to seal and heal split ends. Slim Supreme is perfect for dry, dense, or sensitized hair. If you have thin hair, it can leave your hair feeling greasy and limp. The silky, smooth application worked instantly and wondrously, especially if you’re living in a humid climate. Redken Real Control Slim Supreme is a versatile product where you certainly get more bang for your buck.

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