Ima Robot: Another Man’s Treasure

Ima Robot
Another Man’s Treasure
(Werewolf Heart Records)

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Ima Robot’s Another Man’s Treasure is a massive departure from the band’s previous dance rock/punk music. 

“Ruthless” is characterized by a bouncy bass riff topped with whimsical “la la la’s” and other vocalizations. “Rough Night” features semi-robotic vocals, and new wave-sounding synth. The ringing that plays throughout the song eventually gets annoying, but these same bells make numerous and more enjoyable reappearances throughout the rest of the album. 

“Life is Short” is quirky, synth-concentrated, and fun, sounding almost like an 8-bit version of an old school reggae track. Toward the very end it even slips into a sort of tinkling lullaby. 

“Shine Shine” is an ambitious, campfire-esque love song, centered around sweet lyrics like, “love will lead us home.” It evolves into a full band, semi-ballad, then finally returns to a stripped down, acoustic conclusion. 

“Greenback Boogie” is completely unlike any other song on the album. And with its funky, bluesy, sound and church-like keys, it is the most memorable track by far. 

Far more mellow, yet also more experimental than the 2006 dance rock-heavy Monument to the Masses, their new album reflects the band’s infectious eclecticism and signature eccentricity in a whole new way.

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