The Forms: Derealization


The Forms

The Forms is composed of Alex Tween and Matt Walsh. However, while you listen to Derealization, it sounds as if there are a dozen people performing, not just two. The EP is short and wonderful. My only hope was that I would have more to listen to. I am usually hesitant toward EPs because I feel that they can’t do the band justice. You get a bit over 15 minutes of music but it is more than enough to convince you that you will want to keep Mr. Tween and Mr. Walsh around for a long time.

There is a harmony of voices that sound as if they were coming from every direction. Background instrumentals are not overpowering, but a light element that adds a complementary touch. Their MySpace says they are influenced by deserts and dead space and that they sound like water. As odd as this may seem, whether it is a joke or not, it sounds about right. Water is the perfect way to describe Derealization, with its flowing waves and soft sounds that are interrupted by loud highlights. Hopefully the new EP will bring a tour around because it would blow this city apart.

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