Stateless: Matilda

(Ninja Tune)

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Matilda, the new release from Stateless, is excitingly seductive. As the group’s name might suggest a lack of boundaries, the album follows suit. The rich, emotive soulfulness of singers Chris James and Justin Percival are entrancing, whether against the creepy haze of “I’m on Fire” or the industrial groove of “Miles to Go.”

Stateless hails from England and somewhere between woeful romantic electronica, uses quite a bit of uproarious symphonic flights of violin and the elegance of old world guitar riffs on a few tracks to make sure the listener does not get too comfortable with any sort of stilted labeling. The rhythmic bounce of “Visions” begins with a ripping drum piece. Between heaven-bound vocals layered in a dream world of scenery, the drive of metal-inspired guitar fights against the calming trance the song earlier created. Once one gets settled in the feeling of a sonic beauty dream, Stateless quickly becomes an elevated rock group, where tunnel booming bass drums churn against spirally violins and yet maintains a strain of indie rock fidelity.

Formed in 2002, their 2007 self-titled album consisted of the smash hit, “Bloodstream,” a song that wildly meshed the romantic with a down tempo intoxicating elixir one feels in being taken over by the allure of someone. Much like “Bloodstream,” the vitality in combining fresh lyrics over moody passion, Matilda becomes less engaged in electronic roots and becomes limitless.

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