Dion Roy: Welcome Home


Dion Roy
Welcome Home
(Daily Honey Music)

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Dion Roy is no stranger to experience. Whether it’s his journey from South Africa, where he was born, to New Jersey and then New York, or his years opening for acts like The Donnas and Ben Kweller, he’s seen a lot. This translates into the songs that populate his latest EP, Welcome Home, which have catchy pop hooks no matter how dark the lyrical content might be.

“Leave Me Out of This” is as much of a protest as the title might indicate, but the delivery is peppy enough to turn it into more of a sing-along than a fight. “I Gave You the World” is made for the radio with its swelling chorus and layered vocals. “This Moment is Mine” has enough of a choral start to immediately draw out the singer/songwriter fan in anyone. “Hear Me Out” is the most stripped-back track on the EP, but, even then, Roy’s voice is strong enough that there’s nothing fragile about it. “Ocean (I’m Sick of Missing You)” is a disarmingly sincere glimpse into the discontent and need for change that comes after a breakup. Closer “Give Up, Give In” draws in distorted electric guitar and chimes to provide a beautiful, frayed ending to a sunny record full of shadows.

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