THE SEX FILES: Take My Breath Away…

Never let it be said that Digital Playground doesn’t spend the big bucks on their productions….specifically a million dollars on this one!

I got in the 2 DVD + 1 Blu-Ra Combo Pack of the mega-porn company’s latest big budget movie Top Guns. Starring a bevy of D.P. beauties: Selena Rose, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, the amazingly buttocked (yes I know it’s not a word but you know what I mean) Stoya and of course Jesse Jane, this is a spot-on female-led remake of the mid 80’s Tom Cruise/Kelly McGillis film that took almost everyone’s breath away.

I’m not going to give away specifics about every scene but suffice it to say the girls and guys in this one get themselves into some great-looking action (there are 280 effects shots) whether they are flying jets, walking through hangers or literally posing in those tight jumpsuits that look better on the D.P. stars then they ever did on Anthony Edwards (and no offense to Anthony Edwards).

If you read back through a few of my SEX FILES, you’ll find a few occasions where I have spoken to Digital Playground stars, most notably the always smiling Jesse Jane, who told me how D. P. actually shot their first Pirates movie on the very Black Pearl Disney used in the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and how the company prides itself on its attention to realism. Top Guns looks pretty damn good, the flying sequences are top notch, the sets and costumes, close proximity of those big jets, make the whole damn thing seem pretty darn authentic. Knowing they are up against free porn downloading when it comes to the dirty stuff we can all get our hands on these days, Digital Playground is committed to giving their customers high quality porn that is worth paying for (as their motto states).

So what if people are having sex here and there, doesn’t mean this isn’t an elite flight school we’re seeing here? And as far as that sex goes, it’s pretty much one-on-one until the climactic ending group moment in the hanger and the girls get as good or even better then the guys, when it comes to getting orally pleased. In fact, in this movie more than I have seen lately (and despite the fact that I write this column I really don’t watch all that much porn), it really shows a good amount of cunnilingus.

Not to be put off by all the naked female flesh, but if you’re a hetero girl, the guys in Top Guns are every bit as hunky as the girls are gorgeous. The movie features the likes of Ben English, Scott Nails and Tommy Gunn to name a few and they do deliver in how hot their engines run and how strong and big their thrusters are.

There’s a great second disk filled with a behind-the-scenes featurette, a slide show/photo gallery and a pretty fun blooper real.

You can go to www.digitalplayground.com to check this all out and then some.

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