Yuna: Decorate



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It’s not often that a Malaysian artist captures the international scene, but in the case of Yuna, peers ought to look to the young singer-songwriter as a model for sincerity and skill. Her voice is breezy and reminiscent of artists like Feist and Metric, while her lyrics tend to focus on the cycle of relationships. Clocking in at just over fifteen minutes, this debut EP is a stunning sign of great things to come from a young talent.

Ignoring the typical songwriting structure of verses and choruses, “Decorate” is a lament of losing a lover, the sound and lyrics steadily mounting to culminate with the image of a home decorated with a former flame’s belongings, just in case. The next track, “Deeper Conversation,” analyzes the longing for flirtation to move on to another level. Portions of “Someone out of Town” features more vocal layers than guitar, turning Yuna’s delicate tones into instruments in and of themselves as she pines for a man living far away. “Coffee” teeters on the edge of jazz with synth, while “Fears and Frustrations” features spoken word verses that sound like passages read out of a diary, revealingly honest and tender.

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