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I know we’re all pretty much reading our news, getting our movie reviews and keeping up with gossip from multitudinous online sources (especially stuff of a more salacious nature) but believe it or not, there are plenty of print magazines still alive and well out there and plenty we’d be interested in here at THE SEX FILES. Have a look at what some of the old-fashioned sexy print mags are up to this month…

We all have heard of Hustler I am sure. They have quite the extensive website these days, a great big store in L.A. (see here for a review of the store) strip clubs and Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler, has done more for your free speech rights then you’ll ever be able to thank him for!). In the issue of the magazine you’ll find on the newsstands right now, none other than our buddy Jesse Jane is featured. The month prior it was BiBi Jones another girl from our friends at Digital Playground, so the famous porn movie company is getting lots of play with Hustler these past few months. Be sure to check the always outrageous but always ridiculously hot Jesse Jane.

Our friends (yes, we do have a lot of friends, don’t we?) at the quarterly high fashion/fetish/ lifestyle Von Gutenberg Magazine just released their latest issue. CEO-main photographer-publisher Erik Von Gutenberg produces collector’s editions with each issue of his beautifully appointed publication, featuring gorgeous models (men and women both, though Von Gutenberg tends towards the women) in one-of-a-kind outfits from specialty designers of sexy couture from around the globe.

The June/July Issue of The Advocate sees a cover story on Chaz (used-to-be Chastity Bono), Sonny and Cher’s child who took four decades to transition from woman to man. The premier LGBT-interest magazine The Advocate fills each issue with profiles like Chaz’s, political issues (I am sure the next issue will have plenty on the recent decision here on gay marriage) and media and how it relates to the gay/lesbian and transgendered community.

Stunner Jessica Lowndes of 90210 fame graces the cover and some truly sexy pictures inside UK’s FHM July issue. The men’s mag from across-the-pond might be a little pricier to get here but it is every bit as good as Maxim.

Though you read this column online and probably a hell of a lot of other stuff as well-as we all do-I just wanted to let you know there are still some great print options out there for you interested in sex, media and fashion.

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