THE SEX FILES: Digital Playground star Bibi Jones talks about her new film The Crib

Super popular, fresh-faced Digital Playground star Bibi Jones (yes the same one who is making sports news right now in pics with The Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski) who was just picked as a Trophy Girl for the 10th annual XBIZ awards, met me at one of our cooler Times Square hotel lobbies, the very day after she had been on Howard Stern.

So you did Howard, what else have you done in New York since you’ve been here?

I went to the Empire State Building, walked through Times Square, ate at Bubba Gump’s…today we’re going down to Little Italy to eat, walk around.

The Crib (Bibi’s new solo D.P. DVD) is a stand-alone, your first solo outing. What exactly does that mean?

On my own means none of the other contract girls are in it…but of course there are other girls in it. (BiBi is right about that, Bridgette B. and Gracie Glam provide some amazingly long sex scenes, Bridgette’s against a stripper pole and Gracie’s oral skills are not only in how she delivers her lines). I didn’t have to lean on other contract girls for help or support and it shows if my movie sells well it is really up to me, as opposed to when you are in an ensemble, you don’t really know (for the best Digital Playground ensemble movie-at least in my humble opinion-check out my review of The Fighters)

And how many movies do you usually make, I mean do you have one coming up?

It’s one a month, takes about two days to shoot, so I just keep making them.

You know, if one were to read online messages or follow tweets there is always so much crap being written about the business, specifically about how girls do not get along. How much of that stuff should any one of us read or take for gospel?

Contract girls are the best of the best, we’re ambitious and when you put us together there is bound to be competition. But really, everything’s fine between the Digital Playground girls.

So this first year for you has been hard, easy, in the middle?

The first year was hard but it’s like anything else when you are getting your foot in the door, you are working hard. But I gained 91,000 twitter followers, all just in one year, that kind of a thing makes you feel good, so things are going good for me.

And being a contract girl is the ultimate goal, I gather?

Yes, it is…if you’re a contract girl with the right company, that is! But any girl can make her opportunities; it’s how hard you work to make things happen.

Digital Playground is based in L.A. and I know that’s where you shoot, but you don’t live there right? In fact you were born on Oklahoma, weren’t you?

Yes, Oklahoma, but I live in Arizona now…I love it.

BiBi certainly is a doll and I can see why she has so many fans. Sitting across from her she literally lights-up even the busiest, too-cool-for-itself-trendy Manhattan hotel lobby, as much as she flares across the screen being super ‘neighborly’ in The Crib. From top to bottom (and what a wonderful bottom it is, just check-out the movie!).

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