THE SEX FILES: EXXXOTICA PART 2: We Catch up with Riley Steele and Stoya


The time between writing the first part of my 2011 EXXXOTICA coverage-placed here last week-and this week, I learned that the convention set records with 28,000 attendees in the three days it ran. How’s that for a east coast sex happening?

Even though I was welcomed by the people at Digital Playground, I was attempting to be as unobtrusive as possible seeing as Stoya and Riley Steele were setting up their pictures, posters and DVD’s when I arrived a half hour earlier than my appointed time. But I just jumped in talking to Stoya.

You just flew in from Japan, right?

Yes, the 16 hour flight is brutal.

You seem ready and happy to be here though.

 Yes, I love Exxxotica. From my personal section of appeal N.J. and Chicago Exxxotica’s are always the best (Exxxotica also hits Los Angeles and Miami Beach).

Do you have a bigger fan base here and in Chicago or is it more just your personal taste that sees you like these two cities more? 

It seems the fans in the big cities, blue states like me more. I’m not blonde, I don’t have big tits, I’m not tan, I’m not bubbly (I’m not sure about that, Stoya is an engaging and friendly gorgeous lady) and in LA it seems everyone knows a porn star, here not so much; it seems much more exciting.

So what’s presently on your plate?

Well I am in Fighters (see the review of what I feel is the best Digital Playground movie to date here) And I just finished Bad Girls 7, where I finally got to work with Mr. Marcus, which was very exciting. I’ve been begging to work with Mr. Marcus and now I finally got to do it.

You can find more on Stoya here.

Now talk about bubbly, Riley Steele was set up right next to Stoya so I just walked on down to jaw a bit with her.

I just caught Piranha 3D on cable. I remember you telling me how hot it was at that shoot.

Yes it was, but the water was so cold I’d often get blue in the water. But those mainstream shoots are really so much fun. You get to live somewhere else for like three months on someone else’s dime, get to meet a whole bunch of different people, see a different place, as opposed to porn where we have these two day gonzo shoots…though porn is definitely more fun to shoot!

When we spoke in June we talked about your show Life On Top. What’s going on with that?

Well, we’re into a second season, that’s on Cinemax. I just happened to catch an episode when I was watching T.V. the other day as a matter of fact.

And any more mainstream movies at this point?

Nothing is coming my way just now but I hope for this upcoming year.

Tearing myself away from those two beautiful Digital Playground contract stars, I managed a quick saunter past the hot rod car collection that Exxxotica began bringing in last year to fill-out the perimeter of the cavernous Exhibition Center Space, by some lube manufactures, a booth of BBW models, the site where one can go for just about anything and while reading the list of Exxxotica’s list of classes and seminars we met The Exotic Comic. This petite N.J.-based lady took some time talking to us about a new poetry book she penned that will be released shortly.

Your ears, eyes and yes even your nose are all wonderfully inundated at Exxxotica and I can’t think of a better place to be the first weekend of November for me, your intrepid sex reporter.

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