Weezer: Pinkerton and Blue Live in Seattle


Pinkerton and Blue Live in Seattle

Having had the opportunity to see Weezer play the Blue album live in Boston just days after its release allows for an interesting comparison when listening to their new two-disk live album featuring the Blue album and its follow-up, Pinkerton, from Seattle, Washington during this years’ Memories Tour.  The two-disk set contains all 10 tracks from the Blue album and 11 tracks from Pinkerton in order and without interruptions. It includes such Weezer classics as “Undone – The Sweater Song,” “Buddy Holly,” “Say It Aint So,” “El Scorcho,” and “Pink Triangle.”

Back in ’94, the band appeared frozen onstage and were shoegazing through most of their set (with the exception of former bassist Matt Sharp), but after seeing them perform throughout the ensuing 17 years, it’s clear they’ve developed a much better stage presence thanks to touring.  The new live album should be vastly different than that early show, but it lacks enthusiasm and has no sign of the entertaining live energy that I’ve witnessed at their shows. It feels like they are going through the motions.

Weezer has certainly had its highs and lows over the years, but returning to their roots should definitely be a little bit more fun than this.  Hardcore fans might very well love the album, but they should save their money for a ticket to the upcoming Weezer cruise where the band will play both albums live and take pictures with every passenger, everyone else should just pop in the original and listen to “Say It Ain’t So.”

The album can be purchased from the band’s website, here.

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