THE SEX FILES: The Future Is Now

We all know-or have heard-how much porn is available via download. We have all seen-or have heard-about the latest developments in adult toys. And we all realize pretty much that the ‘future is now,’ in the widest sense of the phrase. But I feel it is my duty to keep you up-to-date dear gentle readers on what’s going on in the world of sexual developments and product advancements to make your intimate experiences the best they can be.

Do androids dream of synthetic dildos…you bet they do!

Here are some updates…

1.) I like this one especially since it speaks to my Pink Floyd jones: Pipedream Products unveiled a new product they call Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Lollipops, designed to suppress the gag reflex during fellatio. The Lollipops join Pipedream’s long line of sexual enhancement topical cosmetics and edibles like their Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Sprays, Oral Sex Mints and flavored Desensitizing Creams. The lollies are available in Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate and Spearmint.

As the company’s Briana Honz assures customers: “Comfortably Numb is quickly becoming America’s favorite way to relax!” Find them here.

2.) Our old friends at RealTouch (see my interview with Scott Rinaldo, their sales manager here) have unveiled their latest product: RealTouch Interactive. Currently in its beta stage this update, based on the patented NASA-developed haptic technology that the award-winning RealTouch is built off of, RealTouch Interactive is a joystick remote control that a live webcam model uses to arouse customers.

Quite similar to the way a touch-screen device works, whatever the model does, the other user sees and feels across the web into their RealTouch sleeve masturbatory device. RealTouch synchs with programmed adult videos as well as live cam models so the users can experience realistic oral, anal and vaginal sex with the world’s hottest performers as the RealTouch device simulates the authentic warmth, moistness and motion in thousands of adult videos.

“RealTouch Interactive is an amazing step forward for RealTouch, which is already the most advanced in the industry,” says our old friend Scott Rinaldo and when I spoke with him he assured me that the company was working on a device for women as well. Catch them here.

3.) & 4.) For those of you who do not want to be plugged-in (per say) but would still enjoy a sleeve-like masturbatory experience (sorry girls, it’s all about the guys and their dicks for the moment) the new Cobra Libra device looks like a race car and…well…check out this video from our friends at Babeland so you can get a good idea of the speeds this baby gets up to, then buy it at the store here.

Also sold down at Babeland (and this one is for the ladies) the waterproof, rechargeable Leaf Vitality Vibe promises a pair of flexible “leafs” with independently controlled motors providing options, options and options (did I mention this fantastic vibrator has options?!). This toy has a rechargeable lithium battery and comes in eco-friendly packaging…so you’re going green while you are coming. Again check-out Babeland for a purchase here.

Toys, lollipops, cyber-masturbation oh my, what a fantastic time we live in, huh?

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