THE SEX FILES: Touching RealTouch Again

As you may have read from my interview with Scott Rinaldo of RealTouch (see here), the company employed Haptic technology (the same technology used in the Wii gaming system and others) in developing their revolutionary personal pleasure product, the RealTouch. Men ‘insert themselves’ into the sleeve-like device which moves, lubes and heats-up by prompts embedded in porn movies….RealTouch parent company AEBN owns the biggest library of movies. The device literally sold out in its first production and has gained unheralded popularity since.

Now RealTouch is incorporating live cam models to manipulate a joystick which in turn moves, heats-up, and lubes the device men are wearing. I spoke with Scott about this new development.

I recall that nearly a week after we talked last time you guys sold out of the RealTouch (I know this because I wanted to grab one for myself, purely for ‘research’ purposes of course!)

Yeah we had made a big push when we launched it in the market place and saw immediate success. Then we started opening the flood gates and product was sold-out in no time. And at the time it was only with the videos that were available.

Now you have cam girls at the other end of the device.

For the guy who has the RealTouch, who loves his movies, has DVD’s or stuff saved on the cloud forever, he has his RealTouch ready to go. Now he can expand that experience by talking back and forth, fully interact with live women set-up for that purpose.

Can you explain how this all works? What’s actually happening between the model and the customer?

The models use what we have named ‘The Joystick,’ this transmits up over the Internet through RealTouch Interactive and then back to the user signals sent in real time. While the user is watching and communicating- having sex with the girl he watches-he feels everything she’s doing on the joystick.  The model can insert it, stroke it, suck it, squeeze it, she can even use one finger, run it down the shaft of the joystick and the RealTouch’s bottom layer of skin will move to her manipulations.

That sounds a bit like mind-blowing scifi!

We have been blown away with how incredibly accurate the JoyStick signals the RealTouch in a live environment.

Was it always your idea to have this kind of one-on-one real time interaction with real girls? It seems the most logical use of all this technology.

When we first looked at this five years ago it was presented to us with a dildo and the idea that it could send signals up over the internet to the device. But we looked at it and said hey, we are AEBN, we’re the largest porn company in the world, why don’t we first introduce this as a product that syncs with our videos and first enhance what we are already doing for our millions of customers?

We knew we could code the video, link it to the device for each frame taking place and send that back to the customer. We knew we could do that; we not only had the content but the resources, money and then the technology to make it work.

What we’re doing now is different because we had to take the devices and have them connect over a webcam- and we weren’t even in the webcam business yet-so the way we first developed all this was to get the product in the market place, see some feedback and then in a couple of years when we really had our shit together, to launch this.

Tell me about the models. How do they work for you? Do they come into your studio, work from home…

We give them credentials for our web cam site and allow them to set up a profile. Right now this is only available through our cam models. People keep asking if they can buy it for their own use between themselves, couple interaction-where I eventually see this all heading-and the answers is definitely…but not yet.

For more information, check it all out here: http://www.realtouch.com/home

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