Miami Horror @ Le Poisson Rouge, 10/2/13


mh5[All photos by Hanna Lise Mitchell]

I never miss Miami Horror when they come to town. Their 2010 debut LP, Illumination, captured my imagination with its sci-fi themes and groovy dance music. Packaged with that album is a surprisingly fun live act that caught me off guard the first time I saw the band and has yet to disappoint. Tonight’s concert was a late one, part of a short American tour.

Members of Miami Horror actually opened the show, playing a brief set under the moniker Wunder Wunder. They performed as a trio, playing extended dance rock jams. There’s hardly any mention of this band’s existence anywhere online, so I’m left to wondering just what we’ll see of them in the future.

Rising act ASTR was the billed opener tonight and was a selling point for many of the attendees I polled. ASTR is a duo of singer and electric drums/programming, with music that comes out smart, strong and sexy. There’s not much live instrumentation to see at play here, but the music itself seems solid and catchy, and that’s enough to see them grow. Check out their noir-infused video for “Operate” here.

Miami Horror’s live act is all about the instrumentation, which is a pleasant surprise for a band whose recordings are firmly in the electronica space. Singer Josh Moriarty plays the part of rock star quite well, invigorating the show with a bevy of antics and his showmanship. The band has been building up towards a new album release next year, recently releasing the single “Real Slow,” which we saw tonight along with a few other new tracks. Tonight also held a special encore cover of the Talking Heads classic, “Once in a Lifetime,” to seal the deal.


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