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childishChildish Gambino
Because the Internet
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It’s been easy to become enthralled in Donald Glover’s iconic rap hand as many of us have. He is previously a writer for 30 Rock and became effortlessly casted for NBC’s Community series in 2009. Early in his music career, Childish Gambino released Camp, a cool comeback from his writer’s block as a way to tackle heartbeat haters. It features “real life” topic discussions like status, racism, relationships, and the overall struggle to make it to the top, but showes himself as more than just a conventional writer.

Childish Gambino is back with his highly anticipated album, Because the Internet, which is full of amusing songs and theater-like television productions that are enough to gain him WorldStar recognition. Gambino’s over-the-top beats, childish flow, and catchy, weird lyrics make Because the Internet one of the top underground rap albums.

“II.Worldstar” is a trippy track and diverges into a fight club scene that is sure to bring attention to the center of his show. He stretches his rap demeanor to a goofiness of “mushy mushy and washy washy.” “Sweatpants” is one of the modern hip-hop tracks that outlines trends like hashtags, Instagram, and sounds like Drake when he says “Don’t be mad/’Cause I’m doing me/Better than you doing you.” Most of his tracks are based off his screenplay, “I. Flight of the Navigator” and “II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information),” songs that awkwardly feel disconnected from the entire album. He certainly claims to be clairvoyant. Paint him the way you want, he’s still got a whole lot of game.

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