Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters: P.B.S. Documentary

The CarpentersIt’ll be hard for me to find a female vocalist I like better then Karen Carpenter. And even though her life ended tragically, the music she created with her brother Richard in their band The Carpenters, has stood the test of time as a high water mark of what American pop music can be.

In the Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters documentary that aired on P.B.S. December 5th, we all got to celebrate Karen and Richard’s sumptuous contributions.

This show tells the whole Carpenters’ story, with Richard himself sitting at the piano, as much talking about the band’s creation, signing, rise (and fall), all whiles sitting at his piano showing how he came up with many of the infamous Carpenters’ arrangements that saw the duo score three Grammy’s and countless gold record. Songwriters Paul Williams, Burt Bacharach (who penned hit songs for the duo) and Herb Albert (who signed the band to A&M) also appear, along with many others. But the real treat is the footage of the band we see here, some rare footage indeed, that’s included in the show.

Seeing as Karen Carpenter has passed away, there are many times the recollections here come with a bittersweet sting. Still, Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters is a grand celebration of one of the truly best pop groups ever to appear on the American music scene.

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