How to Subtly Give Your Man a Makeover


gentlemans-tonic-productsIf you’ve ever thought to yourself, “That ugly Cleveland Indians t-shirt again?” (or insert sports team du jour here), we’ve got your back … and your man’s front. We hate to generalize but (BUT!) dressing stylishly is not every man’s jam. It’s just not. Not every man can be Ryan Seacrest, and even he likely has a team of stylists to accomplish the task. The unfortunate part is a well-dressed man is often important to a woman. You see the conundrum here, right? Of course, you love your man, though, and you don’t want to hurt his feelings. If you’re looking for ways to subtly give your man a makeover, read on—help is on the way.

Start With the Crown

If your man is lucky enough to have hair but doesn’t know what to do with it, this could be a problem. Men often have luxurious locks because they don’t do as much “stuff” to it as ladies do, but this doesn’t mean they know how to style it. Start out by gently suggesting a new ‘do, perhaps showing him some photos you have in mind. And if he’s still using “Head and Shoulders” shampoo like he did in seventh grade, please help him. He likely just doesn’t want to take the time to find new products, and perhaps he doesn’t want to spend the money on expensive items either. Reel him in with something like this shampoo infused with beer. Can we get a “heck, yeah!”?

And Go to the Toes

If you’re really aiming for a manly makeover from head to toe, take a look at his feet. Are they horrible? Don’t panic. First off, entice him with a pedicure. Many men don’t realize that these are perfectly acceptable for the male persuasion until they’ve tried it. Once they’ve gotten to experience the heaven that is a foot massage, you might have trouble getting him to stop!

Next, we move on to socks. If he wears loafers without socks, he’s stuck in the ‘80s. And if he’s wearing tube socks, he’s simply stuck. Get him some dapper footwear by way of super hip socks from Stance. When he crosses his legs at work, no one will believe how stylish he is.

Finally, hit the shoes. A man with bad shoes is just unacceptable. Some women say that men’s eyes are the first things they notice, but there are a large majority out there that would say it’s his shoes. And if they’re hideous or outdated, this could be his only chance to make any impression at all. He doesn’t have to spend a million dollars, but should at least be wearing the latest trends. And he also doesn’t have to be wearing dressy shoes 24/7. Have you ever seen an entire groomsmen party wearing some brand new Chuck Taylors? Now that’s good stuff!

Clean Out His Closet

Sure, you’ll be taking your life into your own hands, as hell hath no fury like a man who’s had his favorite tees from 1988 thrown away. Sometimes it just has to be done, as men have a tendency to hoard things and, in particular, t-shirts.

You can start small by replacing a few items. Perhaps a stylishly tailored men’s shirt or two from Nordstrom (Nordstrom Rack is great, too, and often a bit cheaper) is in order. Add in a sweater that doesn’t look like it could be in the running for your next ugly sweater party. And for the piece de resistance, throw in a couple new pairs of jeans. Dudes and denim—what is the deal with that anyway? Many men cling to their “Levi’s or bust” notion, and what they don’t realize is that a nice pair of jeans on a man can lead to many, many interesting post-date activities.

Time for Toiletries

Men are lucky in that they get the benefit of getting more distinguished looking as they get older. That doesn’t mean, however, that they should continue their Ivory soap with no moisturizer health and beauty routine they’ve been following since they were five years old. Begin to replace his Ivory with a nice, gentle men’s cleanser and add in a nice moisturizer. He won’t believe how silky smooth his skin feels, and he just may like it.

You don’t have to put your man on blast for his bad fashion sense. Follow these tips for a subtle man makeover and you’ll both be pleased with the result.

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