Aminé: Good for You

Good for You
(Universal Records)

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“Veggies” is a strong, unexpected, and string heavy intro. The track features Ty Dolla $ign, and eventually moves into some typical trap lyrics mixed tinged with clever one liners, and something a little more poetic. “Yellow” is a little lighter on the instrumentals with synths instead of strings, but heavier on the flexing. The chorus is a could be club anthem, “I wanna flex I wanna show off…you damn right I’m feelin myself.”


“Caroline” is the most popular song on the album with good reason. It’s memorable, easy to dance to, and there’s something about it that makes you want to play it on repeat. The beat is just as playful as the lyrics, which are pretty catchy. Good for You is full of beats that demand twerking, but this club favorite isn’t reflective of the entire album.

“Hero” is the perfect balance of poppy and trappy. “Spice Girl” is one of the most fun tracks on the album with lots of puns, Future-esque flutes, and a simple beat. He even throws a “zig a zig ah” into the mix for the real Spice Girls fans.

Sure Aminé talks about attractive women, but he also applies his easy flow to verses about legitimate relationship issues, and real feelings that go far beyond infatuation.

Leave your expectations at the door. Aminé lays down a unique album with a balance of perkiness and badassery, with poetic moments and a clever self-awareness. Good for You is good for you to work out, dance, chill out, or strut confidently down the street to.

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