First of all, fans of the 27-year-old rapper are happy to see her back with some new music. Cardi B. hasn’t given us anything in nine months, a lifetime in the diva rap music world. Secondly, if you are a fan of female singers, you get a full plate of them here, each in a cameo wearing some stunningly sexy stuff. Normani, Rubi Rose and Sukihana, Mulatto, and Rosalía are featured across “WAP.” Megan Thee Stallion, joins Cardi at the opening of the tune and is pretty much her partner throughout.

THE SEX FILES: Some Latest Bits Of Sex News

#1. July 14th saw a massive theft in Las Vegas property…and I do mean ‘massive.’ A masked man was captured on video coming into the Déjà Vu Love Boutique, an adult shop right off the infamous Las Vegas Strip (and adjacent to our friends at The Erotic Heritage Museum) stealing their world-famous massive dildo. “The world’s largest retail dildo,” as it is titled on Amazon, is three-feet tall, weighs forty pounds, and was just standing, minding its own business, right there on the store’s sales floor. The fake cock stealer heaved the dildo across his shoulder like he had every right to, left the store, and wresting the huge member into his vehicle.  

THE SEX FILES: Demi Moore is Dirty Diana

So, Demi Moore gets into the sexy podcast game like the rest of us?
It seems Bruce and Aston’s ex has launched a scripted podcast exploring women’s fantasies. Launched across QCODE, recorded entirely on Zoom, the new show boasts celebrity actors like Betsy Brandt, Carmen Ejogo, and Max Greenfield while Lena Dunham, Melanie Griffith, Lili Taylor, make cameos.
Moore stars here and is also exec-producer for what is so far planned as a series of six 30-minute episodes. Dirty Diana posts every Monday through August 17th.

THE SEX FILES: Four Sex Kinks For Quarantine Pleasure

Following up from that NYC Health Officials sex guidelines update from a few weeks ago I had time to consider some good […]

THE SEX FILES: New Adult Toys

THE SEX FILES: New Adult Toys

The wonderful people of Rendschina.com were kind enough to send over a pink “wand massager” and what they call their Linga: Pulse Wave Lasting Training Device (see the pictures here).

THE SEX FILES: The Licking Non-Vanilla Podcast

THE SEX FILES: The Licking Non-Vanilla Podcast

In this particular column, though, I am ‘catching you up’ as it were on my doings. I am sure, like you, I found there is just so much cleaning out a closet/jigsaw puzzle-making/baking I can stand (actually since I work from home doing this writing thing, my work situation didn’t change all that much in the time of COVID). But I did get into something new and what I am about to tell you about is as much about porn stars, juicy sex-positive happenings, and kink as it is about me, so I feel somewhat justified (somewhat) telling you all about my new podcast, Licking Non-Vanilla.


NYC health officials have just released an update to their guidelines for safe sex during the pandemic…and it suggests more kink.

Occupying Your Hands With Something Else During Self-Quarantine

Yeah, I guess you can say I am making light of a dire situation. But beyond the illness and death, the good old COVID-19 seems to be giving us; there appears to be an ever-deeper divide being cut as both political parties take a position to prove whatever point they think best to prove when we are all at our weakest. I wish you the best of health and us all a speedy and safe way through our many current crises, from battling the bug to determining what closet to cleanout.

THE SEX FILES: Fun Because Of COVID-19

THE SEX FILES: Fun Because Of COVID-19

Seeing as we will be denied some of our favorite sports during the crisis, Mr. Skin has taken it upon themselves to initiate their own March Madness Tournament with their ‘Whack-It Bracket XXX’ Challenge Featuring 64 GIFs with some of the best real sex pulled from the deepest nooks and crannies of its expansive website, competitors are divided into four ‘regions’—Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, and Weird & Wild—with fans voting for their favorites in tournament-style meet-ups. One winner will stand from every vote that marks an entry to win a 55” Samsung 4K T.V. This is the site’s 2nd ‘Whack-It Bracket XXX’ competition.

THE SEX FILES: James Drury Of Fetish Map London Talks the Art of Publishing Fetish

THE SEX FILES: James Drury Of Fetish Map London Talks the Art of Publishing Fetish

I have featured Fetish Map London plenty in this column. A regular contributor to all things kinky and fun, spreading as it has for the past few years, to an ever more global perspective, this is the one fold-over-put-it-in-your-pocket-go-out-sightseeing pamphlet I feel no self-respecting kinkster or even the mildly curious tourist should be without. I was lucky enough to get a sit down with James Drury, the head honcho for the Map, the creator of its design agency/publishing company, PictureRama, and an all-around super dude to discuss all things Fetish Map.

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