The Portable yet Massive Sounding Jabra Solemate Speaker

Jabra SOLEMATEThere is no doubt about it – the Bluetooth speaker wars have begun. With so many choices from so many different brands, it may be hard to stand out – but the Jabra Solemate does just that. I had the chance to get my grubby hands on one of these dynamic units when I attended the launch party in Williamsburg recently – and this tiny powerhouse has quickly become my favorite new audio gadget.

While so many wireless speakers are trying to imitate the look of the Bose Bluetooth speaker dock, the Solemate is a boldly conceived device with its own uniquely hip and rugged design. It undoubtedly drew inspiration from classic sneakers like Adidas shell-tops, with a rubber footing that allows you to place the speaker just about anywhere and a solid, curved body that sets it apart  from other portable speakers with modular modern aesthetics.

Even so, you do not want a speaker that simply looks good. The question becomes, can this device satisfy the audiophile who want his music to be portable and also sound superb? Fortunately, the Solemate succeeds in delivering fantastic, full-bodied stereo sound that can fill an entire room. Having spent many hours streaming everything from Classic Rock to Classic Symphony, I can testify that I was genuinely surprised at the clarity and depth of the Dolby Digital Plus sound this small unit delivered.

From the moment it powers on and begins speaking out loud (yes, it speaks), the Solemate seems intent on impressing. Retailing for about $99 at most stores, this is a definite for anyone who wants to take their stereo system on the go. The launch party I attended featured some superbly talented artists from the Bushwick Collective, gracing a limited number of Solemate speakers with incredible graffiti art.

To find out more about the Jabra Solemate, please visit http://www.jabra.com/Products/Speakers/JABRA_SOLEMATE/Jabra_SOLEMATE_Black.

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