Want to know what to watch and why to watch it? AmericanVice.com founder Reg and his partner Ez set out to inform, […]

THE SEX FILES: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel

I envy rebels and am pretty much sold on naked women; any wonder I loved Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel. This […]

THE SEX FILES: Talking Dirty with writer M. Christian

If you don’t know the name M. Christian, then you’re really not reading enough, now are you? The San Francisco-based scribe is […]

THE SEX FILES: Discover Your Sexuality at Babeland

So, you think you know something about sex? Think again. I learned a whole lot lately talking to the wonderful Pamela Doan, […]

SEX: Rehab Addiction

Something horrible is happening to me. It’s called Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. I can’t get enough of this freaking train wreck. […]

THE SEX FILES: My Interview with “Housekeeper” of Trans-Glam Productions

What’s a tie-dyed-in the wool New York guy to do when he digs girls with a little something extra? He runs a […]


I am sure this is not going to be my only column on sex toys. Yes, there is a lot bigger, bad-der […]

The Sex Files: Valentine’s Day

I’m starting this sex column on Valentine’s Day for an obvious reason. The heat of a dark encounter with a lusted-for loved […]

SEX: My Night In a Dungeon

We all know there isn’t anything you can’t get, day or night, in this great big city of ours. Name the cuisine […]

I WAS THERE . . . NYC EXXXOTICA Convention @ New Jersey Expo Center, 9/25-9/27/09

Yeah, there are some kinda cool things happening across the river. I happened to get hooked-up for a press pass (cause that’s […]

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